Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.

Like I said, I like to start at the beginning. But in order to do that, I’ll have to backtrack a bit, back to last summer when it became clear that we were not moving to Pennsylvania, and we were not going to be sending Starling to a Waldorf school. I have to admit I had a hard time accepting the reality of our situation. I had already begun to play the lovely scenarios in my head . . . Starling, blissfully happy in first grade with a “Master teacher” and two dozen well-rounded bright classmates; Chickadee and I attending parent/tot classes, baking, singing, painting; my own participation in evening Anthroposophy study groups, knitting circles, workshops and lectures; our family celebrating festivals with a close-knit school community. . . you get the idea. I concede that the pictures moving through my head were more than a little idealistic, but the point is I wanted a Waldorf school . . . for all of us.

So that’s when I decided (we decided) that if we weren’t going to be able to bring Starling and Chickadee to a Waldorf school, I would bring Waldorf to Starling and Chickadee. Luckily, Waldorf-inspired homeschooling already had a foothold in the town where I live. I know a few mothers of teenagers who homeschooled their children using a Waldorf-inspired approach, at least one of them through the high school years. And a new generation of Waldorf-inspired homeschoolers has been emerging in the last five years or so, some as a result of a Waldorf school initiative that was afloat here for three years.

As homeschoolers we are well-supported. Our local homeschooling group (which I just recently joined) is very active and has many members who are committed to the homeschooling path. In addition to this, we are a part of a Waldorf homeschooling co-op with four other families, dear friends who work well together and share the same goals of attachment child-rearing and holistic learning. Oh, and the on-line support network for Waldorf homeschoolers is amazing! Forums, on-line resources, even a radio show. It boggles the mind.

And it’s been fun! This is the most surprising thing of all . . . I’m loving it. So many times when telling friends or family our intention to homeschool, the response came back, “Wow, I could never do that! It will be so much work. When will you find time for yourself?” But, the wonderful thing about the creative Waldorf curriculum is that my creative side is being nurtured too. I love writing the stories, drawing the pictures, doing the handwork. These things are right up my alley. And as the girls grow I will even be able to put all those years of university study to work. It turns out Art History degrees will offer a great foundation for teaching with the Waldorf method. Thank goodness I’ll be getting my money’s worth out of my graduate school education. Ha!

And now look at me . . . a homeschooling blogger! Who’d of thunk it?

I’ll close this entry with words of gratitude to Sara and Aleisha, two inspiring friends who have become my blogging muses. Thanks for the inspiration. You ladies rock!

5 Responses to “Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.”

  1. Melisa Nielsen Says:

    I was just catching up on Waldorf blogs this morning and came across yours. I wanted to give you a high five for your choices – you sound like a wonderful mom! Many blessings on your journey.

    Melisa Nielsen

  2. Tanya Says:

    I am so glad you are loving homeschooling! You are a fabulous homeschooling mother (among other things) :-). Just ask your little birds.

    Your blog looks great – very fun. I look forward to reading it! ((hugs)) ~Tanya

  3. Andrea Says:

    Thanks so much Melisa for your kind words. Of course it is your radio show that I refer to in this post. Thanks for doing what you do. I really enjoy listening to ‘A Gnome’s Home Radio’!

    Tanya, you know you are my touchpoint. Where would I be in this homeschooling adventure without you? Thank you for the daily vote of confidence! ((hugs right back at ya’))

  4. Sara Says:

    Oh Andrea, you are too sweet! I love the blog, and I can’t wait to read more!

  5. Aleisha Says:

    Andrea – I’m so glad I finally found your blog! It’s quite wonderful – welcome, welcome, welcome to the blogging world. It’s like support at all hours! Don’t forget that you, too, are a source of inspiration.

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